Advance Praise for ORACLE OF THE SONG:

“For an established professional, Oracle of The Song would be a brilliant accomplishment.  For the second novel of a first trilogy, it’s astonishing, in every sense of the word… I can’t wait for the third book – it will take me that long to catch my breath and recover from my envy.”—Peter S. Beagle: (Author of The Last Unicorn, The Innkeeper’s Song, Summerlong & many others)

“Everything I love about Greek myths—wild monsters, power-crazed gods, and breathtaking adventures—come to life in this story of a young priestess’s odyssey through the Land of the Dead to save a friend. A terrific story well told! I loved it.”—Vicky Alvear Shecter (author of Cleopatra’s Moon, Curses and Smoke & many others)

 “Thaleia is destined to be more than just the Oracle, her fate is intertwined with the fate of Greece, with the passion of a God, with mysteries that are beyond our understanding. Ancient and enchanting, a journey into the unseen world of prophesies, of clashes and bravery. The strength of a girl who stands her ground.

Will the song of the God save Thaleia? Will it echo in those who treated her in disbelief and threatened her existence?

Marvelously readable, The Oracle of the Song, is a mesmerizing story of a time when the divine and mortal were entwined around a common fate.”—Angeliki A. Pateli, Archeologist Msc.

“Strickland gives readers a thrilling twist on the dark journey to Hades’ Underworld with Thaleia’s quest to save a friend from its monsters and entrancing yet deadly visions.” – Catherine Stine, USA Today bestselling author of Witch of the Cards

 “Vibrant prose, rich in ancient myth, Gail Strickland’s Oracle of the Song will transport you to ancient Greece and the terryfying, beautiful experience of a girl who becomes a spokesperson for the gods. I highly recommend!”—Eva Pohler (Author of The Gatekeeper’s Saga, Purgatorium, Storming Olympus & many others.)

Praise for Night of Pan

(Book One of The Oracle of Delphi Trilogy) & Other Writings by Gail Strickland:

 “Thaleia battles and befriends gods, leads her city to oust failing religious leaders, and deals with situations that call for wisdom beyond her 15 years. The historically inspired details in this novel—such as the cheese bags hanging in the trees, the elaborate ceremonies, and the mythology—are joyous and enthralling.”—Kirkus Reviews

 “Night of Pan is head and shoulders above most of the young adult novels now being published.”~Peter S. Beagle, Author of The Last Unicorn, A Fine and Private Place, and The Innkeeper’s Song

“A stirring and evocative journey.”

~Linda Watanabe McFerrin, Author of The Hand of Buddha and Dead Love

“A new twist on the Joan of Arc story, and the feminist aspect is interesting.”

~Stephen Davenport, The Athenian School

“Poetic prose at its resurrectional best… A deeply terrestrial work, sprouting with relevant meanings for our time.”

~Thanasis Maskaleris, recipient of “Commander of the Order of the Phoenix” title (a distinguished honor from the Republic of Greece)

 “Thank you for having reminded me that this is our destiny as a nation—keep fighting no matter what. No matter how many Brygos we may encounter, no matter how many hurdles we have to vanquish. This is our history, our fate; this is OUR Song!” Antigoni Mountraki

 Night of Pan is a suspenseful and intriguing book that will appeal to a broad audience, especially those interested in Greek mythology. Author Gail Strickland has skillfully woven mythology and history into an engaging coming-of-age novel that is sure to connect with young readers on many levels.”—Literary Classics Review

 “Gail Strickland’s writing will take your breath away. …her prose is gorgeous. Thaleia is a strong role model.”—Debra Goelz—(Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them)

“Evocative, poetic and moving. The story of the 300 takes new wings after King Xerxes and his Persian army defeat King Leonidas at Thermopylae, Greece 480 BC. … An epic character brought to life … Thaleia moves beyond herself, beyond the girl, to become the divine messenger, the oracle Pythia, with poppies dancing like Medusa’s snake-hair.” Heather Blomberg (librarian)

“Thaleia has always been a wild one. She’s always in the mountains… defying all the rules that are set in her village… I’m a fan of Thaleia’s POV. It’s a mix of mischief and innocence… I recommend Night of Pan for older fans of Rick Riordan’s novels… Any mythology fans will find Night of Pan fascinating… with rich characters and setting and lovely writing. I can’t wait (to see) how this series goes!!” Paula Micahella Bulos